A Picture and a Thousand Words 2019

Through her interactions with homeless people, Jonnie Guernsey recognized she shared a core issue with them. Wanting to explore what might happen if themes of homelessness, estrangement, photography and art brought two characters of completely different ages and backgrounds together, she wrote her upcoming debut novel, Tagged. Her short stories and op ed pieces have been published in GreenPrints, Urban Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, earned an award in the Wisconsin Writer's Association Jade Ring Contest. She is currently writing a series of short nonfiction narratives about the people she meets who struggle with housing. The collection is entitled Homeless MKE.

Jonnie Guernsey

Laurel Landis is a Wisconsin native with an avid interest in photography and the written word. Her short stories have appeared in Wisconsin People & Ideas, Lost in Thought, and Rosebud (Mary Shelley contest) among others. Her work is also excerpted in Judy Bridges' book Shut Up & Write, and broadcast on Milwaukee Public Radio. She has led roundtables at the former Redbird Writing Studio and taught writing at Aurora's Behavioral Health inpatient program.

Laurel Landis

INTJ. Art. Music. Cinema. Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon. Scorpio Rising.

Dan Wilson

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